More food… and an adoption update!

I have had food on the brain lately. Maybe it’s because of the holidays, maybe because I’ve just been extra hungry… for whatever reason I have been finding lots of great new recipes. This is one of the challenges with being gluten-free. You can find LOTS of good recipes, but often they take a little experimentation or testing to make them truly gluten-free and still just as good.

And yes, gluten-free can be just as good. But it takes some doing. Because some of the worst food I’ve ever had (and this comes from a girl who grew up in Asia) have been “gluten-free experiments.”

So, I’m always up to trying things and glad when recipes come my way.

And imagine my joy when a newsletter came to my mailbox this morning with the following title, “Beyond Breadsticks: 15 {Simple} Gluten-free Appetizers.” What was truly surprising is that this is not from a gluten-free website but from, one of my favorite sites to check!

The picture up above is from this website, so you know you want to check it out. For anyone who has gluten-free individuals in their life, these should give you some good ideas. And what’s great about them is they totally leave out bread all together, which means that you don’t have to worry about nasty tasting flours or anything. Appetizers that everyone will enjoy!

That’s all for me.

Except, many of you have been asking for an adoption update. We are in the waiting period right now. We finished paper work, interviews, etc, etc back in August and are now in that time period where we just wait for a phone call. For anyone who hasn’t seen it, click here to see our online profile. Feel free to pass it onto whoever you want! And for more details feel free to read other blog posts… there’s lots to choose from! For a specific update you can click here to read a post from a few months ago! We so appreciate your prayer for us as we are in this time of waiting. I wont lie to you and say it’s easy… there are definitely times of tears but overall we have known a great joy and peace and I can’t help but think it’s because of the many brothers & sisters who are lifting us up in prayer.

Thank you each.

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  1. Hi – I just read on Simple Mom that you are in the waiting process and I felt compelled to send good wishes and prayers your way. We just celebrated three years of being a family through the blessings of God and domestic adoption. Good luck on your journey and Peace be with you and your family!

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