It’s that time of year…

How is it that every year I am surprised by how close Thanksgiving is to Christmas?

This year especially it seems that this Christmas season has snuck up on me. Sure, I’ve decorated my house and have even bought a few Christmas presents (although not near as many I should have)… but I still feel like it must be November… it can’t be close to Christmas yet.

When everything seems to be creeping in on me, it makes it hard for me to stop and to ponder what this season is all about. Brandon and I have the joy of being apart of a church that celebrates the Season of Advent very intentionally. And this year I have found new meaning in this season of waiting. As we wait for our own baby, we get a small glimpse of the joy for Mary, Joseph and everyone involved in our Lord’s birth.

And we understand why the true celebration doesn’t start until the birth of Jesus. Yes, we know what’s coming, but it’s not here yet. So while we prepare and we ponder and we get excited… our utmost excitement isn’t coming just yet. Our incredibly joy and excitement found in the birth of our Lord wont be here till He is.

And so our joy of being parents. Sure we are preparing and we are excited about what will happen, but we know that the true joy will come when our baby comes. And what joy that will be!!

What a blessing to wait for our Lord.

Just a thought…

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