Preparing for Baby O

Recently someone told me that adopting is like being 9 months pregnant for a really long time.

I’m beginning to understand what she (a woman who has adopted 3 children!) meant. Today Brandon and I sent off our profile book to be printed, have submitted a few additional forms and other than a few items we will drop off at the office tomorrow… we’re basically done. Our caseworker tells us that our home study should be complete very soon.

So, now we’re into the waiting time. And I am struggling with how to properly prepare for this new life. If I were pregnant I could begin to prepare. But our agency has cautioned us in our preparation steps. Even when we are matched with a birth mom, they have encouraged us to only minimally prepare.

The trick is that I am feeling the need to nest. I am expecting. So in the past week Brandon and I have found different things that we like online… a bedding set that I love (and will work for a boy or a girl), a really cool diaper bag (made out of recycled material and in a fair trade facility), a couple of strollers that I am obsessed with… and we’ve even picked out a boy’s name and are deciding between a few girl’s names.

We are doing all of the things that expectant couples do. But we have to proceed with caution. And we have to learn a healthy balance. Mainly, I just have to learn to move slow.

And before this sounds like a post of complaining… I am really having fun. True, it’s a balancing act. But in the end we are really excited to be expecting. So in the next few months I will proceed with caution, and probably have to say “no” to my impulses. But it’s not like I can’t do anything… I just have to go slow.

So there’s an update. I am so pumped to be moving forward. And I have no idea when this baby will appear, but I sort of already feel like I know them. This sounds incredibly dramatic, I’m sure. But it’s true.

And you’ve probably already figured this out by now, but we probably wont be giving adoption updates every other day… but we hope to continue regularly.

Till later… Amy

4 responses

  1. Well…we’ll just keep you really distracted and busy at church and whenever you feel the need to spend you and I can talk about how much college is costing us this year!:) Loving you, Cindy

    • Oh, Cindy… you make me laugh! So great to have you here!

      And Sarah, thank you so much for your encouragement! I love seeing your photos on facebook… such a cute little boy!!

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