Today is a lazy Saturday and we have NEEDED a lazy Saturday. Between family visits, adoption work, church events and life events we have not had a Saturday to just sit around our house in a long time.

So today we woke up later (we don’t wake up terribly late anymore!), ate a leisurly breakfast (with some excellent coffee… i love sumatra beans!), and then we did one of my favorite things… the French Market!

Right now my vegetable basket is filled (mostly) with locally grown produce… corn, zucchini, cucumbers, bell peppers (green, orange and red!), potatoes, peaches and blueberries, not to mention green lettuce, Brussel sprouts and green beans in the fridge… and I just can’t wait to eat this week! It’s going to be good!

And now as I sit here updating my blog, my husband is sitting beside me… painting, with pastels. Some of you may not know Brandon as a painter, or drawer… but he is! Though he hasn’t done it in a long time. It’s fun to see him work. He’s a very talented man, this husband I have. He writes with beautiful clarity and passion. He loves to create things in the kitchen (food, that is). This morning he played his guitar and sang for a while… this is one of my favorite things.

And it is these things that I so look forward to about having a child… I look forward to sharing our life. When Brandon sings and plays the guitar… or when we sing together… I love the idea of a child watching us and joining us. When Brandon pulls out his painting supplies, I love the idea of a child watching or helping or even creating their own works of art. And I so look forward to teaching our child to cook, to write… just to create!! I love that my husband is going to be my child’s dad! 🙂 This may sound silly, but I just really think he’s going to be a great one.

So, enough gushy stuff. This was just a checking in post. I am back to enjoying my lazy Saturday. In fact, I think I’ll do some creating…  home-made granola is calling my name!

thanks for listening…


(P.S. for those who want an adoption update. We are in the “any time now” phase of our home-study process. Basically anytime now, we should get a call from our caseworker saying that we are officially ready to be shown to potential birth moms… we will officially be waiting for our baby. It’s fun to imagine what this child may look like, what their background may be or where they may come from. I can’t wait to meet them!)

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  1. Hey Amy,

    Have to admit I was first distracted by the picture of Brandon as the room is flipped! Embarassing to say how long it took me to get it straightened out in my head! But also fun to have been there and know what your home looks like first hand. We so enjoyed our visit!

    What a wonderful post. You can’t know just yet (but you will!) what a blessing it is to know your son has married his perfect mate! It’s great to be reminded how compatible you are in so many ways. Finding enjoyment together in the simple things is so important. And as a totally prejudiced mom, it warms my heart to know Brandon loves and is loved so completely! We love you, daughter!

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