And So It Begins

The time has come. We’ve made the big transition.

Thursday was my last day of full-time employment at Leadership journal. Since Monday of this week, I’ve been taking a two-week summer class. So I’ve been in class in the mornings and in the office in the afternoons. There’s no future in that sort of insanity. As you might imagine, I am very tired.

My last day at work was surprisingly emotional. Working for CTI has been an extraordinary experience. I couldn’t have asked for better colleagues, and the job gave me opportunities I never thought I’d have. It’s great to know I’ll be able to stay connected as a freelancer.

Even so, I’m really excited about school. Just walking onto campus Monday morning got me excited about the new semester.

So for the next couple of years, my title (and bio for the back of my book!) will be “doctoral candidate in historical theology at TEDS, contributing editor for Leadership journal, and freelance editor and writer.” Should be fun.


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