Too much prayer?

When we are praying for something that we know from God’s word that He desires for us (such as provision, etc), is there some point at which we pray too much?

Before anyone accuses me of not being a strong “pray-er,” let me give some background. This past Wednesday, in my Bible study we heard an interesting story. A woman was in a prayer meeting where the leader asked them to write on a notecard something they had been in prayer for that they knew God wanted to do. I.e., it had to be a request that scripture affirmed. (So their prayer for a bright red corvette… didn’t necessarily count). The leader instructed the group to hold these cards up as they prayed once again to God, with on catch — this was the last time they could ask God for this particular thing. From this point on, they could only “water it with thanks.”

This task struck me. I am a strong believer in prayer. I think it is one of the most important tasks that Christians have. Petitioning before our God is a privilege and a responsibility. However, at some point I have wondered if my continually asking God for something that I know He desires for me might sometimes demonstrate my own lack of faith that He will provide it.

So, Brandon and I have decided to practice this with 2 requests in particular that we have been regularly bringing before God (one which we have been doing for nearly 2 years). We have in the last few days begun to thank God for the ways He has already met these petitions, and the ways He will meet them in the future.

We’ve already noticed his work in new ways.


Thanks for listening. (Oh, and this is Amy, by the way).

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