This past weekend I (Amy) went to visit some of our very best friends to celebrate a very special little boy’s birthday! It was definitely good for my soul! Henry Harrell, son of Nancy & Tim Harrell, turned 1. I was able to spend from Thursday to Monday with them. We celebrated the little guy, talked a lot, watched movies, and just had a great time hanging out together! I also got to see Michael & Terese Cox (and baby Coxen!), as well as James & Amy Taylor (and baby Taylor) and it was so wonderful to get updated on their lives, see where they live and just hang out! The weekend was GREAT! The picture above was taken on our last day right before we left to go to the airport!

So, I’ve waited to post on our blog in hopes of inspiration to say something amazing. Inspiration never came. So I’ll use this as time to update our readers on our lives!

While I was away for the weekend, Brandon took advantage of the “no wife” time to FINISH HIS BOOK! YAY!!! Stay tuned for this time next year for the premier! Now he’s busy with lots of freelance work and PhD classes. He’s really enjoying being back in class. We are both enjoying his being back in school, but I think we’re both ready for the time in our marriage when one of us is not in school. 2 and a half years and counting…

I am busy with things starting at church. We have totally revamped our children’s Sunday School and this Sunday will launch Kids Connection–an interactive large group / small group model that will better serve as a means of spiritually forming our children. I’m excited to finally start, but am in the midst of last minute planning! Stay tuned for pictures soon!

In addition to this, this coming Tuesday marks the first day of Parents Day Out at the church. I will work with Annie Kendrick at PDO 2 days a week and am looking forward to spending time with the kids and to learning from Annie! Please pray for this start. Our attendance is less than desired, but we’re hopeful that this is a ministry which God has blessed and we are looking forward to seeing how He works out His plans.

So, what’s new with you?


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