Fridays are for Favorites (even if written on Sunday)

I began a blog post on Thursday because I knew that Friday would be a very busy day. But I didn’t get to it. So now here I am at 10:30 on a Sunday and what’s on my mind?

Well I’m thanking God for the man I married. Yes, in an incredibly cheesy move, Brandon O’Brien is my favorite for today (and arguably every day!).

Brandon’s the type of man who loves me no matter what my hair looks like, patiently waits for me to take pictures of food (even if that means he must wait to eat), hugs me even when I’m in a bad mood, will drop whatever he’s doing to listen to my thoughts….

He loves his friends and family deeply, he is as loyal a friend as you can fine, he’s an honest and sincere spiritual leader in our home…

He is patient, kind, wise, silly, creative, fiercely intelligent, compassionate…

and he’s all mine. 😉

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