A is for Adoption and Y is for You

It’s been more than a year since we began our adoption journey…. 17 mo to be exact. This is us when we began this journey, in fact this picture was taken just before our second homestudy interview. Can you see the joy in our faces? We were (and are) so excited. (Oh, and my hair was different… over the past 17 months it has gotten longer and then much, much shorter!)

We are often asked why we are adopting. It is true that becoming pregnant may not be a possibility for us. However, that’s not exactly why we are adopting… because adoption has been tugging on our hearts long before we knew we would face infertility. We like to say that it’s not Plan B… it’s just Plan A in a different order. 🙂

Okay, so what do adoption and you have in common?

When we started this process summer of 2010, we asked our friends and family at that time to join around us in prayer, with finances and by spreading the word!

Well today I’d like to come to you again to ask for your assistance. We have been so amazed at the prayer of those around us… so, so blessed. But we’d like to remind you of the “spreading the word” part. A lot of our friends and family have connections that we know about… and we have tried to talk to those people explicitly… but many of you may have connections that we don’t know anything about… so we’d like to ask you to keep us in mind.

And for your reference, here is our online profile http://www.pregsupport.org/Profiles/bran-amy.htm.

Finally, here we are today as we wait for our sweet BabyO… wherever he or she may be! 🙂

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