Fridays are for favorites…

… at least that’s what I’m planning on.

I’m not a very “gimmicky” person, but I thought it would be fun to begin posting about some of my favorite / favourite things on Fridays. Why Fridays? Well because Favorite and Friday both start with F, silly!

So what’s it today? Well lately I’ve discovered a few beauty tricks that I love, love, love and recipes that I might love even more (it’s probably a toss-up)…

Favorite # 1.  A few months ago a friend pointed me to a blog talking about oil cleansing. “Oil?” you may ask. Yes, oil. And for your face, no less. So I took a look here. And then I went out and bought some castor oil (at Whole Foods or any health food store… or online…very, very, very affordable).  And I watched with amazement that night at how the oil took off my make-up, gave me a healthy glow and was just. plan. awesome. The next day I just splashed my face with cold water and was good to go. Now, I was admittedly nervous about putting make-up on the next day, but it went SO WELL under my make-up, just like a high quality moisturizer. And I like the way my face looks so much, I’ve started wearing no make-up more often, and less make-up all the rest of the time! Try, try, try.

Favorite # 2.  I love to bake. And one of my favorite times of the year happens when cranberries appear back on the shelves. And when I buy said cranberries I have to make a Nantucket Cranberry Pie. Check it out here. It’s easy, it’s awesome, it works really well gluten-free… and you need to have it! Seriously, go buy cranberries and make it tonight! Seriously…

That’s all for me today. But before I sign off I would like for everyone to stop and cheer. Why? After a fairly long sabbatical, I have now posted 3 times (that’s right 3 times) in one week!

Yay, Me!!

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