Paper, Paper, Paper….Hot Spot # 2 – Results

So this week the designated hot spot was our paper pile. Well our lose papers weren’t totally out of control (because we had just gone through some) but we took this opportunity to go through our file boxes and our desk drawers in addition to the ever growing paper pile which lives on our kitchen bar.

So here is the pile we made in the middle of our living room floor.

This was the pile that was on the kitchen bar.

File boxes, random card catcher thing and our key box (which obviously has much more inside it.

Along the way Mo got in the box… because the cat just can’t resist.

Gotta love this cat.

After recycling a full bag of paper and shredding more than we thought we would have to (our shredder overheated three times!) …ultimately this is what our kitchen bar looks like now… do you see how clean that box is?

Notice, we no longer have the "card catcher" thing.

Since our paper pile didn’t take us too long, we tackled a few other projects, too. Namely, the ever growing “donate” pile that we keep conveniently in our guest room. Well I don’t have any pictures to show for it, but we emptied all of these donate items and took them to our church yard sale, dropped clothes in the clothes box and put things in recycling. And now the floor is clear… yay! Just in time for good friends who are coming to visit very, very soon.

As the room becomes more and more complete, I will update you on the way. But for now, I’m stickin’ to my “hot spots” as designated by Want to join the fun?

Happy Friday!

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