Hot Spot #2 Revealed… tackling the paper clutter!

It’s time to tackle the paper… and this is a big problem in our house! It’s not that we try to stay disorganized. In fact, we sort the mail regularly but between bills, student loans, Time Magazine, etc… it can get out of hand… in a hurry!

This also means doing our taxes, which will be good. We have our tax information safely guarded on my desk… but time gets a way from us during the week.

So here we go with the paper pile… stay tuned for pictures on Friday!

Oh, and my Lenten project this year is to re-read Celebration of Discipline. I’m excited and will be writing a  special Discipline post each Wednesday. Stay tuned!

Happy Monday!

2 responses

    • You should check out the website! Just click on the picture above. She actually does have lots of tips, one of which is to put on a movie (something that you don’t need to watch closely) while you sort.

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