Show Choir dresses and cheerleading uniforms…

I have been meaning to post for quite a while… for most of this week in fact (not to mention last week) and am FINALLY getting around to it!

For those of you who may remember, a few weeks ago I posted a link to “Project Simplify” through Basically, for the next 6 weeks Simple Mom readers are joining together to simplify their home, on “hot-spot” at a time. For the next 6 weeks (starting this past Monday, March 7), a new challenge will be posted each Monday for everyone to work on throughout the week. Then on Friday we all post before and after shots on our blogs for everyone to look at.

Well this week the Hot Spot is…. (drum roll, please…)

…the bedroom closet.

For us, this wasn’t so hard. Primarily because we spent significant time this summer sorting through our closet. But it’s amazing what can happen in a few months. This is what we started with:

Here is Brandon leaving for work with two LARGE bags of clothes to donate. (That’s right, we followed instructions and got them out of the house RIGHT away!)

please disregard the huge pile of laundry on chair. The goal was to clean the closet, not finish the laundry! (And you’ll be glad to know, I folded said laundry later that evening!)

So, after Brandon left I got to go through a box of old stuff…

Yes, this is my 5th grade cheerleading uniform and my high school show choir dress… they seem to be about the same height… I was apparently a pretty tall 5th grader….

And yes, I did try on the dress….

And yes it still fit… fortunately these dresses are made with lots of elastic… and fortunately I wore shorts under this dress while dancing… 🙂

So here is our closet now…

Cleaner, right? I couldn’t get a good pictures of the sides, but we definitely simplified our clothing!

Oh, and our cat got desperate later on to sit in his favorite chair. He was very glad when I folded the laundry.

(please note, the O’Briens do not typically have piles of laundry in their living room. This was from earlier in the day… just to clarify!)

Stay tuned on Monday to hear what the next hot spot will be. I PROMISE I will link to it from here on Monday and will then post my pictures later in the week! Join me in project simplify! To find out more information, click here.

Thanks, friends!

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