Pretty, pretty princess.

Today I have been a beautiful girl, a scary monster, a sick patient and a pretty, pretty princess… and all in the span of about 2


This is the job of someone who gets to play with a 3 and 1 year old set of sisters…and I love it.

So as we were cleaning up our dress up clothes suddenly the floor was a puddle of mud (this is NOT good)… which means that in order to clean up we have to jump, skip and fly over the mud.

No problem. We’re princesses. We have wands… and even when the wands go back in the dress up box somehow our powers magically remain.

And I can’t help but think that most of the time I am WAY too serious.

Back to the mud puddles.

Happy Wednesday.

P.S. My darling husband (who is this really, really famous published author) has had his book chosen as one of the top of 2010 by Leadership Magazine. See more here. (and stay tuned for a second book by Brandon O’Brien coming soon).

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