A few of my favorite (new) things…

I thought I would post today some of my favorite things… NEW things that is.

1. Udi’s bread, bagels… well, anything! For anyone who is on a gluten-free diet you know that good bread is hard to find and can be tricky to make (especially when your space is limited in a small apartment with no room for a bread machine or multiple flours)… but Udi’s has made my day. This bread isn’t new, per se, but it is new to me and i LOVE it. Oh, and their bagels are the closest to real bagels as I have found. If you live in the Wheaton area, make your way over to Health Foods on the corner of Geneva and County Farm in Winfield…. otherwise check them out online or at your local Whole Foods (where it is MUCH more expensive… i will warn you!)

2. KafkaCotton T-Shirts. This is a company started by a high school friend of mine. They make T-shirts inspired by great books! Brandon just got two for his birthday (from me and from his mom)… they’re awesome. If you’re a fan of great books and great shirts, check them out!

3. Organized Simplicity: The Clutter Free Approach to Intentional Living. This is a book written by Tsh Oxenreider, who runs simplemom.net, which (incidently) has become one of my favorite blogs. Tsh actually manages the Simple Living Media which includes everything from cooking, to organization, to basically whatever you want! Check it out: http://www.simplelivingmedia.com/. If you appreciate simplistic living, this is a brilliant set of websites!
Anyway… back to the book, I purchased a few copies for some friends and have started to look through it. I LOVE it. I recommend picking it up… I hope this comes to me at Christmas time since I will have to part with my own copies! 🙂

4. Gluten-free Girl and the Chef. Speaking of Gluten-free… I have a new cook book that i LOVE. It’s published by one of my favorite gluten-free bloggers… check out her website. And add this cookbook to your Christmas list if you’re gluten-free! It’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

5. My favorite thing of all. Need I say more? And yes, I know that he’s not new… but my love for him is new every morning… (everybody say, awwww)

I think that covers it… I think I might share about some children’s books that I love in my next post…

Thanks for reading…

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