An update…

(This isn’t an adoption post, per say… just a life post.)

I don’t have a whole lot to write about today, but it just felt like a good day to post…. so here goes.

Brandon and I have been incredibly busy lately. He’s a full-time phd student, an almost full-time freelance editor, and a part-time teacher at the College of Dupage.

I am continuing to work at our church “part-time” 🙂 and work as a nanny as well. I am also working hard at establishing myself as a writer / speaker and have a conference coming up in just a few weeks and am trying to publish articles when I can…

Life is busy… It’s good… But it’s busy.

And this has been a blessing for us as we “wait” for our child, but it has in some ways made the wait harder… why? Many days I find myself longing for time to think about and pray for our child… to write letters to them or to prepare in other ways. Of course I know that I can pray all day (and I do), but I wish there was focused time where that could happen as well!

But it’s mostly a good thing and we’re thankful not only for the work, but for the income it provides.

So there’s a quick little update…

Blessings to all of you…


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