It’s been a while…

Well, it’s been a while since we’ve posted, and I thought it was probably time.

As many of you know (but some of you probably don’t), I (Amy) have started an additional job working as a nanny for two of the sweetest girls for two days a week. They are 3 and 1 and are such a joy to work with. Sure, the 3 yr old like to test the boundaries, and the 1 year old is still learning the joys of expressing herself effectively… but they are both such a joy. Now, this doesn’t mean I have quit my job at the church. But this has provided additional income that we definitely need! What with having a phd student for a husband, and adoption expenses ever on the horizon! 🙂 And it has definitely provided some intense mommy training!

Right now is one of those rare times during our long day with the oldest is having her “alone time” and the youngest is playing quietly on the floor. I have a moment to write, and I thought I better take it!

Taking care of these two girls frequently has me thinking of my own baby. As I rock one to sleep, or hold one who has fallen and hurt herself… as we read books, or practice our letters… or color (young and old) together in the quiet of the morning. These are all memories I look forward to having.

Some have questioned the wisdom of my pursuing a job of this sort after our long journey with infertlity and as we wait for our baby through adoption. For that matter, some have questioned the wisdom of my working with children professionally during this time period! And I have to say that these are the things that have kept me totally sane, and incredibly hopeful and just plain overwhelmed by God’s goodness and faithfulness. It may sound cheesy, but each children I get to take care of gives me such hope. They don’t remind me of my loss or my sadness. In fact they usually give me hope for the true joy that will be mine someday… and honestly they give me hope now, and joy now for the incredible life I have the privilege of leading.

So there are my thoughts. I love the oppurtunity to work with kids. And I am so thankful that God has allowed me to do it. It’s a joy and an honor…

Thank you to each of you who are praying for us and for our baby. We love you each and are so honored that you are a part of our life.

Can’t wait for this precious little one!

Speaking of a little one… I think my moment of quiet is over…. 🙂

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  1. Amy & Brandon,

    You have my perpetual prayers for a little one to join you soon. As I have been out of work, I took the opportunity to spend one day a week with my grandson Chase. He’s 11 months old, and I’ve been with him one day a week or more since his mother (my daughter Rachel) went back to work when Chase was 3 months old. Rachel & her husband Mark are having another child right around Chase’s birthday and this is as exciting as it was shocking when they first found out.

    Caring for little ones is a blessing. I understand why you do it, and although I pray for work daily, I am always thankful for the days I spend with Chase. In the hustle of life I had forgotten what it’s like to feed, change, bathe and play with someone just beginning to see the world. Watching their brains make connections and discover their universe is to witness the manifestation of God’s love for us, and the majesty of his creation. Miracles happen every day and we often run at high speed right
    past them.

    My prayers will keep coming and I will wait eagerly for your next update. Waiting on the Lord is a difficult thing. I am waiting with you, holding you both up in prayer, and will praise God for the victory as it will surely come.


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