Progress in the Garden

Tomatoes This is the third year I’ve tried to grow vegetables in containers on our deck. The first years, the whole project was a lost cause. We didn’t get enough sunlight on our back porch to ripen the fruit. Even if there had been, there was a gang of fearless–and apparently veggie-loving–squirrels in the neighborhood. About the time the plants grew to a respectable size, the squirrels dug up the roots. That’s a problem I could have solved back home in Arkansas; not sure how to do it in the Chicago suburbs.

In any case, this year seems more promising. Above is a picture of my first tomatoes of the season. I think they’re of the roma variety (someone gave me the plant, and she wasn’t sure of the type).

Hot peppers

This banana pepper plant suddenly burst out in blossoms early last week. If they all mature, we should be up to our ears in peppers.

I have a bell pepper plant growing, too, but it’s a little less productive.

I don’t know if it has to do with the amount of sunlight we receive on the balcony–only about six hours a day–but I had expected mature veggies before now. At this rate, it might be October before we have anything in the crisper. But it’s been fun.

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  1. I think you’re right about the roma tomatoes. If you have enough light for those you should have enough light for the peppers. Bell peppers, however, seem to require a little more time and perhaps more heat than the tomatoes. Mine are still mostly at the flowering stage.

    I guess if my son can grow pumpkins on his Brooklyn window sill, you can grow peppers & tomatoes at your place – as long as the bees can find them!

    Keep us posted.

  2. Amy–it’s the cool weather–sun affects it too, but tomatoes [and probably peppers] set fruit and ripen faster when the soil temp is warmer…

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