This isn’t all that’s new!

We have a new blog. Yes, that’s right. We finally tired of the “ObrienPathway” blog because  of many things, but mainly because Brandon has thought it sounded like a cult from the beginning. 

So, we have repented and our cult is no longer in existence. 

And here we are. Our life is seeming really hectic as of late. For those that haven’t heard, Brandon has a contract to write his first book. YAY! This means that all he thinks about is the book… and me occasionally! But as for the rest of you, you might be low on his list! 🙂

And if that wasn’t enough, Brandon will be starting his Phd in August at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS) in Historical Theology. We’re both excited! 


Oh, and Brandon also has his first successful garden… tomatoes, bell peppers and some undetermined type of hot pepper. Our balcony looks AWESOME! (He’ll post pictures for those interested!)

Me, well I’ve been working since January to launch a Parents Day Out (PDO) program that will start September 8. What is PDO you may ask? It’s a Christ-centered preschool program for children from 6 months through those who have not yet entered kindergarten! We operate Tues, Wed, Thurs from 9:00-2:00 every week. Sounds fun, huh? Check out our website:

And I continue to work at the church, nurturing children and adults alike as Minister of Christian Education. I love my job, and it has continually grown me. Recently I have felt totally incapable at getting everything done, but have fond that God often works most evidently when I am reaching my physical, mental, and emotional limitations.  

Exciting things are on the horizon but not without stress. We have most definitely been blessed by God’s provision, but we admittedly often wish that provision came on a regular monthly schedule that we could anticipate and plan for. 

So, this is life.

Oh, and we’re singing some Jars of Clay at church tomorrow… rock on!

Till next time (which will be soon and will probably be on the topic of “Waiting” )

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