The day he came home

On March 12, 2012 we brought our sweet James David home. We had received “the call” on March 9 and waited all weekend to meet our little boy who was just over a week old. Our caseworker had told us to get some rest.

We didn’t sleep the entire weekend.

But, finally, the day came. We walked into the office at 1 p.m. and sat down in the waiting room. Within a few minutes Cristina, our caseworker, walked out holding our son in her arms. She met us in the waiting with room with him and handed him to me.

I’m in tears now thinking of how surreal that moment was. I was holding my son. The child I had prayed for. The child I had longed for. The child we had waited for. Our son. And they didn’t even make me sign anything first, they just handed him to me.

We walked to the back room and signed all the necessary papers before leaving (just 15 minutes later) as a family of three.

Jamie screamed the entire way home.

We had been warned that he hated his car seat and that proved true on this trip. What I find amazing, though, is he never cried in his car seat again. His life had been fairly traumatic up to this point, but once he came home, it’s as if he knew. He never screamed for an entire trip ever again.

Our sweet friend, Annika, came over to our house that afternoon to take pictures. Annika is an amazing photographer. If you’ve been to our house, you’ve seen many of these photos. But I thought I would share them here. If you need a photographer check out



This one may be our favorite!


Our first Christmas after we had started the adoption process, a dear friend gave me a necklace. It had my birth stone, Brandon’s birthstone and a charm that said “faith” for the faith we had that God would provide our child. I wore it nearly every day until we brought Jamie home 1 1/2 yrs later.


So, now, today we celebrate a very special little boy. Our precious James David. He’s a ball of energy and loves to entertain. He is cuddly and sweet and simply a joy.

We love you, baby boy!


March 12 is also Jamie’s Aunt Tilly’s birthday. He’s so lucky to have her as an Aunt. Happy Sweet 16 Tilly!

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