Blankets of Encouragement… literally!

I haven’t been blogging lately. You may have noticed. Or maybe you haven’t because I haven’t been asking you to read the posts that I haven’t written.

Either way, I have not, I repeat have not, lived up to my goal of blogging every other day. Why? Because I just haven’t had much to say. Or, I should say, I haven’t had much to write. You see I have plenty of thoughts, but I just haven’t had the energy to write them.

But enough of my whining. Today I have something I’d love to share with you. As we wait for our child we are continually blessed by the community around us. It hasn’t been easy to wait. It’s been a year and we are learning anew how to trust the Lord during the process. And, to be honest, I’ve had a hard time. But the Lord has been faithful.

And here is one way that he has been paritcularly faithful. Last month, at the end of our Sunday School year I was ask to come and see our 4th-6th grade girls shepherding group. They presented to me a very special gift that I already cherish. This past year they have been learning to knit and they worked together to knit a blanket for BabyO. I love it and it is one of those things that gives me hope.

Working together on a card.

One of these days I will wrap our baby in this blanket and I just can’t wait. In the meantime, it sits out in the open where I can be encouraged by the support of those around us… young and old.

Can you tell I've been crying? LOVE these girls!

Happy Monday!

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