Hot Spot #5 Revealed: Pick your poison!

Well this is Week 5 of Project Simplify and this week they are letting us choose what we would like to do according to the needs in our homes…

Well, there is one particular area in our house that I am embarrassed to let anyone else look into… and it hasn’t been on the list yet. So this week I will be cleaning out our bathroom cabinets… IT’s going to be rather humbling to post the “before” picture… but hopefully very rewarding to show you the “after.”

And my life will feel so much more organized!

And then following this final week of Project simplify, I look forward to starting “Project Baby Room.” In an effort to prepare for BabyO without going over the top, Brandon adn I will be tackling one area of the current guest room / office each week… and then hopefully by week 5 we will be ready to go… there wont be a baby bed or decorations necessarily, those will come after baby. But everything else that needs to be done will hopefully be completed!

So, I’m thinking a May baby might work! 🙂

Thanks for reading.

One response

  1. …not to worry. IT will look so incredibly beautiful once you’re done cleaning it out that you’ll want to keep it that way forever!

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