New Beginnings…

Dear friends (and anonymous strangers that we don’t know about),

We are so thrilled to be able to tell you that Brandon and I have begun a very exciting journey–we have officially started the adoption process, specifically domestic infant adoption.

There are so many things that we could tell you, and we plan to share our thoughts throughout this process. But for now, we just thought we’d share the good news. We covet your prayers as we work through the remainder of our homestudy (1 more in-office visit and a home visit), and as we enter into the waiting process. Please pray with us for our child and for the birthparents (and the relationship we will share).

And check back often as we will be updating this blog along the way, including a new post about our last two visits with our caseworker!

Thank you for sharing in our joy as we journey towards our child.

Talk to you all soon!

2 responses

  1. Don’t have to tell you how excited we are for you. You two will make great parents! Looking forward to walking through this with you and the Lord!

  2. Hi Amy,
    This is so exciting! I’m praying right now that your home study will be done well, and that the Lord will do his excellent work to prepare your hearts as well as those of the birth parents. Since I was at your blog, I read your flight attendant post below – loved it, and wanted to say what a great writer you are!
    Blessings to you and Brandon in this great season of waiting and hoping. Psalm 130.

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